What are your thoughts on the release of a series?

You know how it goes… book 1 drops and we wait, then 2, then 3… but how long is too long to wait? As an author, I know we like to build to the crescendo- the slow burn and torture of the tease. We like to whip our readers up into a frenzy, but honestly- sometimes it just pisses me off as a reader when the author drags it out too long! Sometimes, enough is enough and hell hath no fury like a reader scorned!

Hot, sexy bad-boy needs a firm hand…


Hot, talent and a heart of gold… resistance is futile.

Keller Scott wants to embrace his inner Buscemi and channel his Dafoe, but damn, if his looks don’t keep getting in the way. He’s dying to be taken seriously as an actor and land some legit roles that don’t feature him shirtless, or worse. His playboy reputation precedes him, but that’s not who he is on the inside. Lately, he’s not even sure where Hollywood’s version ends and the real Keller Scott begins.

Enter Joey Mitchell. When she shows up at his office, vying to be his next Personal Assistant, Keller has no doubt that this Summa Cum Laude, USC grad is perfect for the position. She’s hot; petite and curvy in all the right places. But, a starry-eyed fan girl she’s not. Joey packs a mean left hook, along with some blistering hot pepper-spray. She kicks ass and takes names and doesn’t hesitate to put Keller in his place, a few times. On the outside, she’s all business and confidence for days, but on the inside, she’s broken and barely holding it together. Too many secrets and too much sorrow have taken their toll.

Keller and Joey’s lives collide on a more personal level when her best kept secret steals his heart. What begins as a PR goldmine in a pediatric cancer ward, becomes something else entirely. One amazing kid, with a spirit as big as the sky and eyes just as blue- has love enough to bring out the very best in Keller and help Joey heal.

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Hey fellow writers!

I am seeking opinions on editing software/ subscriptions such as Autocrit and ProWriting aid  Has anyone used these?  Are they useful? Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!


Writing is therapeutic…

When I’m writing I feel unstoppable.  I feel as though I can make anything happen and watch it like a movie in my head as the story unfolds.  I see my characters, their homes and haunts. I recognize their idiosyncrasies and mannerisms.  Even after round five of editing, I still laugh and cry with my characters.  This is silly but when I know that a good part is coming up (remember I’ve edited x5+…) I drag it out or even put it off if I’m busy doing something or having to go somewhere…like work.  I’ll hold off on reading it until I can thoroughly enjoy it and take the time to feel it.  I don’t know.  I’ve always considered myself my toughest critic…much harder on myself than I’d ever be on anyone else.  Can it be that in this one part of my life I am dare I say it, over-confident?  Maybe I’m just crazy having read and re-read, etc…  Maybe I’m too close to my work and characters?  I don’t know and it frustrates me to no end.  But Heaven help me, I can read and re-read my work much like I read and re-read my favorite novels and still very much enjoy it.  I wonder if others out there feel the same way when they read their own work? Don’t get me wrong, when something reads like crap and sounds like crap…I’m the first to call it you guessed it, ‘crap.’  I have plenty of that too, taking up space on my laptop, believe me.

I’ve been writing since I could write. It has always been an outlet for me.  I’d like to use this site or whatever it is to hone my writing skills, be inspired and share any know-how with others just like me; struggling to make a living doing what they love.